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To find an address, a house or a business, enter the NAC (Neka-Address Code) and click on "Search"!

Why Neka-Adresse ?

Neka-Adresse is a project of the youth network called K. The goal of the project is to participate in a rapid and structured urbanization of Africa by establishing a new addressing system for houses for residential use, private companies , public structures and businesses. Our objective is to make our cities modern, clean and respectful of the environment by assigning to each dwelling a geolocatable NAC (Neka-Address Code) code from our web platform and our mobile application and by making plaques for each dwelling made from recycled plastics to display the NAC codes of the different dwellings.

At Neka-Adresse, we carry out personalized digital mapping for the capitalization of your projects and programs, the visual enhancement of your data and the strengthening of your digital presence and your communication strategy, ideal for NGOs, public structures and companies, associations etc... You can assign a NAC code to a location group of more than 1000 targets!

To obtain a NAC code for your homes or your business, Contact us here! Neka-Address is a project of the technology company Mcorp-Mali, member of the K network.

Who are we ?

The K. network is a network of young pan-African Malians with the common objective of rebuilding the continent on new solid foundations adapted to our realities. Our mission is to bring our stone to the construction and unification of the continent and its youth.

We place particular emphasis on strengthening the African entrepreneurial world through the establishment of a culture of local consumption and we operate in all sectors of the continent. Our vision ? A more united and more united Africa with a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem in the years to come.


NAC codes (Neka-Address Code) for residential houses are payable annually and cost 2.500 FCFA/Month (Total: 30,000 FCFA/year).
If you are a private company, public structure, association or NGO, Ask for special pricing.

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Our sponsors

African startups helped us set up this initiative and continue to assist us in the proper conduct of the project. Aw ni tchié aw yairai yé!

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